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Bridging Landlords and Tenants Together in the Mid-South......

About Us
We know there are much better things for you to think about than managing your rental property. In fact, we've listed one of the main reason to the right of this page.

Here we are professional that specialize in the management of  single family homes and apartments of 8 units or less. We have been managing rental property since 1980 and have developed a proven system that works for you, the client and us, the management company. Our Renta-House-Fast.Com program allows us to offer very reasonable fees with none of the extra's other companies charge.

Moreover, we are a small enough staff to give each client and each property the individual attention and care that makes us unique. Other real estate brokerages attempt to manage property as an offshoot of their sales operations. The management of single family rental homes is our primary business-not just a sideline.
Your Rental Payment
The tenant makes a check payable to First Alliance. Our AR person records the payment then mail a check out to you within 24 hours after receiving the rent from the tenant ,directly to you. The #1 complaint of owners about professional management is that they receive payment from tenants and take out for management fees, repairs, etc. and then send the balance to the owner later in the month. You never know exactly how much you are going to receive. Not with us, When a repair is needed on your property, We contact you to discuss it. Then we notify the proper repair service to do the job. We have used most of these repair services for a long time and trust them to do a competent job at a fair price. My owners have found that they save money by ordering repairs through us.